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XFile Dating Profiles – Naked Attraction.

Sugar daddies/mommas are high net worth individuals who are usually time poor. So they demanded we provide Xfile profiles of sugar babies to cut through the time wasters. Our research shows that a high percentage of SD know what they want/like. Moreover they welcome the option of being able to view some young women/toyboys in more revealing photos in a private Gold members area. Rich men/women generally don’t want to have to go through many dates to find someone. Most want to see if a sugar baby physically appeals to them physically and vice versa. We asked thousands of Rich men/women what would make them sign up with SugarCoupling.

X File Photos:

Over 85% said please just don’t do another dating site. If we are going to provide a young woman with a monthly allowance, she has to be gorgeous. She needs to have a great fun personality and we want to get a sense of her naked physicality.  Yes that’s right. Men huh! Because they know exactly what we’re looking for. They begged us to please provide a private space in a Gold members account so they can pre select a sexy sugar baby quicker.

This has been on the cards for some time, but most sites haven’t addressed it due to sensitivity around the #Metoo. They also told us there is a much higher chance of them being attracted to those with the confidence to create such XFile profiles. So we bit the bullet and gave users the option to create an Xfile profile or a ‘ Regular profile (you can’t have both).

So that’s what we’ve done, for those young women/toy boys who aren’t offended by this option, you have the opportunity to increase the chances of selection by up to 5x more, by creating sexy erotic X file photo/s in your Xfile dating profile. Only Gold members can view (No prior permission is needed, as Xfile photo view permission comes with the Gold membership). This means you may get a SD/SM a lot faster. It’s not compulsory to have an X file profile though. If your sensibilities are such you can select a ‘ Regular Profile ‘ with the usual ‘ Public photos ‘ &  ‘ Private photos ‘. Those who are brave enough can s show rich benefactors they mean business by choosing an ‘ X file Profile ‘ instead (you can’t have both).

XFile Concept:

You asked us to allow sugar babies who post erotic sexy Xfile photos, or to be able to wear masquerade masks (or ski masks) to hide your (face) identity. We agree this is a reasonable request so will allow it. We don’t allow blacked out faces though. If you close/delete your account all your Xfile photos will be automatically deleted.

The channel 4 TV programme Naked Attraction (a concept which we tried to sell to networks several years ago). Whereby a male gets to view several potential female dates (females also get to view several potential males) in the nude before they decide which one to date is slowly gaining acceptance. And now this narrative partially fits in perfectly with our Xfiles concept. The programmes independent producer in the UK, Studio Lambert – which also makes Channel 4’s Gogglebox – said it was a “bold new experiment” in which “only their bodies give the clues to the personality and lifestyles”.

Naked Attractions presenter, Anna Richardson, said the show’s critics should “get a life”. Describing the series as a TV equivalent of the dating app Tinder. “People are getting hysterical about objectification and yet we all go through our daily lives looking at people and making judgments. It is ludicrous to assume we don’t sit in judgment on everyone else. We do it every day,” she said. “This idea that we are body-shaming or rejecting people due to the way they look – that is life, this is Tinder television.

Naked Attraction:

Our particular generation might not do it, but in terms of millennials, this is what some are happy to do.”The producers of Naked Attraction said it was surprisingly easy to persuade people to shed their clothes on TV. “People do it for all different reasons and say, this is actually rather liberating,” she added. “Sometimes it was for practical reasons – women saying they had tried every dating app and had been single for two years. Sometimes it was more complicated, like Matty [from episode one, who has a prosthetic leg] who said, when you’ve lost a leg, appearing naked is the least of your worries

Many time poor wealthy members also want their potential sugar baby/toy boy to have a Naked attraction dimension (via sexy, erotic, semi nude, topless or tasteful nude photos in their X file profile). It’s not for everyone, it’s a form of pre selection so they can short list a potential date that matches what they are physically looking for, much quicker. After which, chemistry and in sync personality traits gets both parties to a mutually acceptable arrangement. Only gold members  get to see the X file photos of those young women/toyboys who have created one.


Sugar daddies  don’t have the option of creating an X file. At the start of your registration, sugar babies/sugar mommas/toy boys will have the option to select either a ‘Regular Profile ‘ or  a Naked Attraction style ‘ X file Profile ‘ where they can upload private erotic sexy photo/s. How much skin you show is up to you. Those who do not create an X file profile will not be penalized in any way. Those who do create one generally do so because they believe that rich men/women have an advantage of at least 8 to 1 competing for every rich sugar daddy/momma. Those of you who opt to create an Xfile profile should do so knowing that such photos are available for gold members to view without any prior permission needed from you. It’s done so you are able to catch a sugar daddy’s eye up to 5x quicker. These Xfile photos are automatically deleted if you delete/switch/close your account. By joining this site and creating an Xfile profile you are giving your consent/approval to this concept and the ideas mentioned herein.

Sugar babies/toyboys with an X file naturally garner more attention than those without. Statistically it may take you longer to couple up with a rich man/woman if you don’t have an X file. On the other hand you could say, you may be conceived as coming across more respectful and morally superior by not having an X file. The decision is yours, see the sample X files photos. the text in your Xfile profile can also be more risque. In the world we live in today some people will always criticize no matter what you do.  Wer’re all adults on here, so it’s your choice. The X file is to catch a Sugar daddy/mommas eye quicker, it may give you an advantage, it may not. Sugar babies don’t have to select an X file profile if they feel it’s not for them.

Erotic Sexy XFile Photos to catch a Sugar Daddy’s Eye:

But those who do so, will know that their X files can only be viewed by ‘ gold members ‘ (not those with ‘ Free or Silver memberships ’) and that their images in these Naked Attraction style X files are secure on our website. We predict that the ratio of rich sugar daddies to sugar babies will eventually increase to more than 20 SB to 1 SD. Those who create an X file profiles increase their chances of being seen/selected first. Sugar babies/toyboys can register free of charge if they are at college or university, if the personal email address they use during registration on our website is made up with their name and ends in their education institute name or suffix eg; .edu, .ac.uk,

Use your personal email at your educational institute to get a Free standard membership. Other young women/toyboys who are not at college or university, can also join free if they register online, now, for a limited period. Please do not be offended as not all applications are accepted. We reserve the right to not list profiles that don’t meet our criteria and standards. Please note that for risk compliance if you want to have an X file profile to be considered for publication on your private profile space we reserve the right to request that you provide further proof of your identity and age, at our discretion.

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